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Cash for Scrap Metal

The value of Scrap Metal commodities have increased substantially in recent years. To encourage and reward recycling patrons we pay top prices for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Commodities like: steel, iron, cast & sheet metal, as well as appliances, electronics, and batteries can be recycled. High grade commodities like: Copper, Brass; Stainless Steel, Lead, Aluminum & Aluminum Cans, plus precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are all valuable metals. If it is metal, we can recycle it!

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We Pay Top Prices

  • All Grades of Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Insulated Wire
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • High-Temp Alloys
  • Junk Cars
  • and More! 

We Want to Buy your Scrap But we can not buy the following items:

  1. Electronics - PCB Ballasts
, CRT Tubes
, Computer Monitors,
 Capacitors, Bulbs,
 Mercury Switches, Thermostats,
 Sodium Switches
  2. Explosives - Live Ammunition,
 Active Ordnance,
  3. Hazardous Materials - Air Bags,
 Any Paint Cans, Refrigerators Unless CFC Drained, Medical Waste
  4. Household Items - Antifreeze, Liquid Coolants,
 Bulbs, Chemicals, 
Motor Oil
, Mirrors,
 Napkins, Paper Towels,
 Plastic Caps, Plastic Bags, Plastic-coated Boxes, Plastic without recycling marks,
, Tableware
, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Bleach, Ammonia
  5. Flammable Liquids - Liquid or Gas Filled Containers, Oil,
 Oil Filters, Propane Tanks
  6. Stolen Materials
  7. Any Poisons
  8. Anything Radioactive
  9. Garbage - Wood
, Oil
, Dirt
, Diapers
, Dyed Paper, Ceramics, Pottery
  10. Call Before Bringing - Equipment with fluids, Paper, Cardboard, Shock Absorbers
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